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kidney stone tips

kidney stone tips

The stones formed in the kidneys due to minerals and organic matter are called kidney stones.  When blocked in the uterus can cause a major problem.  The stones are of different sizes.  There are many easy and natural remedies that can be used to remove stones from the kidneys.

  Top Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

  The following are some simple natural remedies that can help reduce the discomfort of kidney stones and speed up the body's natural healing process.

  •   One of the most beneficial and effective remedies for kidney stones is to drink lots of water and juice.  Liquid intakes help keep kidney stones under control.

  •   Watermelon is one of the best home remedies for kidney stones.  It is one of the fruits that has the highest amount of water.  It is rich in potassium salts.

  •   Eating foods rich in vitamin A prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and strengthens the urinary system.

  •   Coconut water is also one of the best remedies which helps in breaking the stone;  It can easily pass through the urine.

  •   The intake of celery helps prevent stone formation.

  •   Basil leaves are also effective for removing kidney stones.

  •   Taking one glass of orange juice will stop the formation of kidney stones.

  •   Avoid foods such as tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, and radish.

  •   It is advisable to avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol.

  •   Different yoga postures have been described in kidney stone problem such as Uttanapadaasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana and Bhujangasana are very useful for keeping the kidneys active.

  •   A spoonful of olive oil and a glass of lemon juice mixed with water is a useful remedy that is helpful for kidney stones
  •   Grapes are rich in potassium and are helpful and make the kidneys strong.

  •   Avoid oily food and meat.  This can complicate the problem

  If you have kidney stones, you need to keep the body hydrated.  And food needs special attention.  Which is especially in water which helps in turning solid material like stone.  So drink at least 12 glasses of water a day.

  Use of citrus fruits and citrus fruits.
  Due to citrus fruits and their juice sites, they are helpful in reducing or blocking the formation of stones.  The best sources of citrus fruits are lemon and orange.

  Eat calcium and take vitamin D.

  If your calcium intake is low, there may be an increase in the level of oxalate.  Good sources of calcium include milk curd and cheese.  Vegetarian sources of calcium are good legumes, green vegetables, seeds, nuts and blackstrap.  Include vitamin D in your diet every day.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb more calcium.  It is found in fatty fish and cheese.  Adequate vitamin D reduces the likelihood of kidney stones.

  Food and drinks to avoid kidney stones.

  Limit salt.

 Excess sodium levels in the body can increase calcium buildup in the urine.  Limit salt in food.  Before consuming processed manure substances, check the amount of sodium in them.  Fast food may contain high sodium.  But you can eat regularly in restaurants.  Whenever ordering anything in your menu, make sure it has limited salt.

  Reduce animal protein intake.

  There are many sources of protein such as red meat, chicken, fish and eggs which increase the amount of urea acid in your body.  Consumption of protein in excess reduces the chemical called citrate in the urine, due to which kidney stones start to form.  Since protein is essential for the overall body including Greek yogurt, chia seeds and safe yogurt.  Therefore, consult a doctor about how much protein per day is necessary for a healthy body.

  Ideal plant based diet

  Eat oxlets wisely.  The high food content present in this chemical can promote kidney stones.  If you already have stones in your body, you should take or reduce oxalate in your diet.  If you are trying to avoid kidney stones, please consult a doctor that this food item is limited.  If you take a diet containing oxalate in your diet, include taking or drinking calcium sources with it.  They help to bind calcium to oxalate during digestion.  Earlier, kidneys were able to incorporate foods high in oxalate into the kidneys.  Chocolate, tea, beets, spinach, Swiss cards and rhubarb

  Don't drink cola

  Avoid cola drinks.  Cola is found in high amounts of phosphate which promotes the formation of kidney stones.

  Finish adding sugar

  Combined sugars are sugars and syrups that are found in food processing substances.  Sucrose and fructose may increase the risk of kidney stones.  Keep an eye on processed foods such as sugar, cakes, fruits, and other foods.

  Tips for kidney stone diet

  As long as you actively measure kidney stones, it increases the likelihood of recurrence.  For this, you should take prescribed medicines and take special care of food.  If you have stones, your doctor will perform a diagnostic test to determine this.  Will then determine the diet for you.  D
at least 12 glasses of water daily.  Drink citrus fruit juice and orange juice.  Limit the amount of sugar and salt.  Include a calcium-rich diet in your diet daily.  Avoid drinking excessive amounts of oxalate and phosphate drinks.

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