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high blood pressure prognosis

high blood pressure prognosis.         

Most people in the world suffer from heart attacks and high blood pressure.  People who do not suffer from chronic heart disease often complain of increased heartbeat in the left chest part.  Stabbing and more.  Such events occur due to weak immunity, chronic fatigue, intense and exhausting effort.  In such a case, your best friend may be carrot juice.
  Can be mixed with other juices, it strengthens the immune system and stabilizes the operation of the heart muscle.  This juice is especially useful in children and adolescents.  Due to rapid physical development, the heart muscle becomes overloaded and needs help in the form of various drugs and natural juices.
  We suggest that it will help you get rid of unpleasant pain in the heart based on carrots.

How to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home.

  Requirements: 1 cup carrot juice, 3-4 tablespoons honey 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice, 2-3 drops mint juice.  Honey, lemon juice and mint extract are added to a slightly diluted juice.  Use 1-2 spoons, 30 minutes.  2-3 times per day before meals.  It is very effective and has a pleasant taste.

  Beet juice can be used for the treatment of heart diseases.  It contains substances that strengthen blood vessels and normalize metabolism, and increase hemoglobin levels in the blood.  If you are suffering from heart pain and irregular functioning of the heart muscle, then you should drink a glass of beet juice (better than fresh boiled) before meals.  You can optionally add honey, apple juice.  The main condition is regular use of the juice.

  In case of persistent heartburn, you need to have fresh cucumber juice.
  You will need: cup cucumber juice, 3-4 tablespoons vodka or wine, 2-3 tablespoons honey.  Cucumber juice is mixed with vodka or wine, add to honey and mix well.  In case of increased hypertension, 1-2 spoons are used several times a day.

  Requirements: 1 tbsp honey, 1 cup mineral water, 1 cup cucumber juice.  Honey dissolves in mineral water which is added to cucumber juice.  Drink once The length of treatment is 7-10 days.  Median is very effective and helps to increase hypertension, insomnia as well as excitement.  It should be noted that cardiovascular diseases and obesity require limited intake of salt.

  What if we eat salty occasionally?
  You can prepare a glass of tomato juice with a little lemon.  This will satisfy the desire for something salty.  This will facilitate the work of the heart muscle and stabilize the blood flow.  For those who are not afraid to experiment, we recommend trying the following healthy diet drinks.

  Requirements: 1-2 cups of pumpkin juice, 2-3 tablespoons tomato juice and 1-2 lemon juice.  Mix the pumpkin juice with tomato and lemon.  Drinking one cup per day is best taken after meals.  It is used to urinate with the presence of edema due to heart and kidney diseases.  Also the drink is good for thirst.  Pumpkin drinks have great influence among heart diseases, and liver They are excellent for fever and are recognized as a spontaneous device for patients with heart diseases.

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