Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus global problem

 Coronavirus global problem

 Coronavirus global problem: The tragedy period of the epidemic has been devastated by various epidemics in the world, among them is a corona virus-like epidemic that occurs once in a century and brings terrible tragedy.  Because of which there is a slowdown in the world economy.

Different countries are adopting different methods to deal with the corona virus crisis.  Due to the growing crisis of Corona virus, the World Health Organization has declared it an epidemic.  The Corona Crisis has brought economic recession around the world.  Which has created a situation of economic crisis around the world today.

The Government of India has thanked the doctors and police personnel of the country by keeping all the people of India united in times of this crisis and by lighting the lamp together.

In India too, seeing the growing crisis of Corona virus, it has done a harsh lockdown of 21 days.  This time of lockdown is very difficult due to which the problem of running their livelihood has arisen in front of 25% people of India today.  The administration is also helping in this difficult situation by launching various schemes for the poor.

The number of corona virus patients is increasing continuously in India.  Currently, the number of affected people has crossed 4500.  Seeing the growing crisis of Corona virus, the government has appealed to the people to stay at home and maintain social distance.
Due to the corona virus, there is a round-the-clock movement in the world today.  Every country in the world is trying its best to protect its citizens from the corona virus.  China, which is facing a serious crisis like the corona virus today, is on the verge of being free from the corona virus crisis.
Coronavirus global problem.has become a serious crisis, it is necessary to make social distance to deal with it only then we can defeat the epidemic like corona.

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