Saturday, April 4, 2020

Corona virus india

 Corona virus India

 Corona virus India:has taken the form of pandemic Corona virus has knocked in India after causing havoc in many countries of the world.  Due to which the death rate is increasing continuously in India.  The corona virus has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization.Corona virus in India has also caused havoc in various states of India.  The corona virus remains a matter of concern for the world community today.

 Coronavirus cases India.     

India has been witnessing rapid growth of Corona virus due to which the number of people affected by Corona virus is continuously increasing in India.

  •  So far, 2902 people have been infected with the Corona virus in India.
  • In Corona virus, 68 people have died in India.  And 215 people have been cured.
  • The maximum number of people infected with the corona virus is in the state of Maharashtra in India, where 537 cases of corona virus have been reported.

  1. The corona virus has become a fatal disease.  Thousands of people are dying every day from this disease all over the world.  Scientists of many countries are making efforts to make Corona virus vaccine
  2.  Scientists and researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, USA have prepared the corona virus vaccine.
  3. This vaccine was tested on corona-affected mice and the test was successful.
  4. This vaccine made of corona virus is not an injection, rather it is a chip that is applied on the body for a week.
  5. The vaccine produced by Pittsburgh University of the United States is named MERS-COV.

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