Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Corona virus effect

 Corona virus effect

Coronavirus effect.Corona virus has become a global crisis today, due to this, many types of health problems have arisen in many countries of the world today due to Corona virus, many countries are facing recession.  In India too, due to Corona virus, many types of problems are being created in the country to fulfill the urgent need of people, there has been a havoc in the Corona virus all over the country.  At the time of this crisis in India, various NGOs, government organizations and social workers are contributing their valuable time during this crisis.  There is a steady increase of corona virus patients in India.  Due to which the administration has put a lockdown to maintain social distance but despite the lockdown the number of patients with corona virus has not decreased.  The number of people affected by corona is increasing day by day.  Due to the lockdown caused by this virus, the problem of eating and drinking has arisen in front of many daily wages.  Seeing that, the government has announced various types of economic packages for these workers and is also arranging food for these workers daily.
So far the number of deaths due to Corona virus has reached 41 in India and 1834 people are affected by this virus.  This figure is constantly increasing

Therefore, all of us in this war of fighting with Corona virus should get financially and mentally help in that way only if we can stop the country's economy from disintegrating.

Coronavirus effect

  1. The corona virus is causing financial harm as well as financially and mentally.  Today, the economy of many countries of the world has collapsed due to Corona virus.
  2. The corona virus is a fast-spreading virus that spreads through contact with an infected person.
  3. The corona virus first reaches the body through a cold cold and destroys the body's immunity. the resistance of the person's body, due to which no person can fight all these diseases when he has a common cough and fever.
  4. Today the world has become a sea of ​​death due to the corona virus, in which thousands of people are swallowing the corana virus daily.

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