Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to keep body fit

                   How to keep body fit

How to keep body fit:My dear friends, I am going to tell you today how to keep your body fit.  In this run-of-the-mill life, we are unable to pay attention to our body due to busyness.  Due to which we face many types of physical problems.  Therefore, being fit of the body is necessary for our health.  With which we can avoid many types of diseases.

               How to keep your body fit

It is very important to keep the body fit in this part-filled life.  Exercise is very suitable for the body which is very important for healthy.  For this, we need good nutritious food, protein and carbohydrate food.  So that our body can get enough energy.

For the body to have enough energy, we need protein that keeps our body's energy.  Milk ,Mutton,Fruit-Flowers,Eggs All these are necessary for the body.

The body needs adequate amount of energy, for this we should have food and drink properly.  Morning morning walk should be done and fruits and sprouted grains should be eaten for breakfast.  Lunch should not be eaten with high oil, because oil builds up fat in the body, which causes obesity.  All these should be eaten while eating green leafy vegetable buttermilk or curd wheat flour bread.  Do not eat spicy food at night because the body hardly digests spicy food which can be harmful to the body.  Drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water throughout the day.  Sufficient amount of water removes waste from the body.

To keep the body fit, we need regular 2 to 3 running km. Should run and exercise.  So that all the muscles of the body remain in balance.

Sleep at least 1 hour a day and sleep for 6 to 8 hours at night.  Because to keep the body fit, rest is needed, so get enough sleep.

Sometimes there is a sudden change in the shape of the body due to deficiency and excess of nutrients in the body, it can be a serious problem, for this, the advice of a doctor should be taken immediately and should be consumed according to the advice of the doctor.

Avoid harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarette charas and drugs.  All these substances stop the body due to which our body is not able to grow.

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