Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Epidemic history

   Epidemic history.

epidemic history.has been devastated by various epidemics in the world, among them is a corona virus-like epidemic that occurs once in a century and brings terrible tragedy.  Because of which there is a slowdown in the world economy.

In 1720 the plague spread throughout the world,  it  was called the Great Plague of Marseille.  Marseille is a city in France.  One lakh people died due to the Marseille plague. 

  1. 100 years later, in 1820, the epidemic of cholera created a tragedy in Asian countries, in which people of Japan, Persia, India, Thailand, China, Oman, Java etc. lost their lives in cholera in Asian countries.  The most deaths were caused by cholera in Java, Thailand and Indonesia.
  1. In 1920, the Spanish flu virus spread.  Although the virus was spread in 1919, its most effective effect was seen in 1920.  Spanish flu caused the most tragedy in the countries of Europe.  It is said that due to the grip of this virus 1.72 crores people were killed all over the world
  1. Then after 100 years, once again in 2020, the corona virus has caught the whole world, this virus started from China.  About 30800 people have lost their lives worldwide due to this virus.  Scientists believe that the virus is difficult to eradicate by the end of this year.  The outbreak of this virus is continuously increasing.

                            So stay safe at home and cover the mouth with a cloth while peeking

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