Friday, March 27, 2020

lockdown in india

  lockdown in india

Lockdown in India: Today is the third day of lockdown in India.  The routine of the people here has been reduced to home.  People are very scared and scared of the corona virus threat.  People are constantly being advised by the administration to stay at home.  

The price of every daily use items has also increased due to the lockdown.  Due to which the middle class families are facing a lot.

  The number of corona virus patients in India is increasing daily.  Seeing this, the administration has taken a number of drastic steps.  There is silence all around.  Bus trains and all modes of transport have been closed.  This is the first time in the history of India that a train called India's lifeline has been stopped.  The government has appealed to the people to remain where they are.  
  The corona virus has completely affected the Indian economy resulting in a lockdown-like situation.  There is silence everywhere in the country.  Therefore, the government's initiative is to stay safe at home and let others also be safe.                            

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