Wednesday, March 25, 2020

corona virus pandemic

  Corona virus pandemic                          

corona virus pandemic:has become a global problem.  Which has influenced the entire world by taking its formidable form.

  In my thoughts, the corona virus is the result of biological weapons testing that is affecting the whole world.  Today, corona has become a global problem, which can be eradicated from the root of corona virus by creating social distance from all people.  Today more than 450,000 people worldwide are affected.  Therefore, we should maintain social distance and wash our hands and clean them and cover our mouth and nose with masks and this can be eliminated by staying at home and breaking the chain of this virus.  

 Today there is devastation everywhere in the world, every country is suffering from this disease.  India is also constantly fighting the Corona virus.  But this disease is spreading its foot continuously.  This disease is spreading most dangerous and fast today, in which if it is not taken care, then it dies. 

 To combat this epidemic around the world, many voluntary organizations, NGOs and various organizations have been doing their duty day and night and are giving their response to this virus.

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