Monday, March 30, 2020

coronavirus outbreak

 coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak is increasing continuously in the world.  Various countries have been taking various steps to prevent corona, but this virus has been steadily increasing and a complete lockdown has been put in place for the prevention of corona virus in a large country like India.  Yet it is increasing.  Today no country in the world has survived from the corona virus.  Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India too.  The most affected by the corona virus is the economic capital of India, Mumbai with the most corona affected people.  

The corona virus has been brought under control in Wuhan province of China from where it was born.  In my view, the use of corona virus is a war done using biological weapons, in which every country of the world is affected today.  Italy, Spain is also affected more than China by Corona virus in the world, where thousands have died.
According to a report by the World Health Organization, the number of people affected by the corona virus is steadily increasing.  The affected person remains like a normal person to see this virus remains in the body for 12 days and after that it starts showing its effect.
Locked down in many countries due to corona virus, people have been advised to stay at home.  But due to the continuous lockdown, there has been economic recession in the world.

           The famous philosopher Aristotle said that man is a social animal.  He lives on a community, class and caste.  Therefore it is very difficult task for humans to maintain social distance.

Ways to prevent corona virus

   Ways to prevent corona virus  

 Way to prevent coronavirus :Corona virus has become a global problem, due to which the mortality rate is constantly increasing.  The corona virus is a virus that can only be spread by contact with anyone suffering from corona, Italy is currently the largest number of people who have died from the corona virus.  Where the record of highest number of deaths in one day is recorded.

 Corona virus has caused havoc all over the world.  Administration has also shown a variety of ways to protect the corona virus.If you want to defeat the corona virus, you have to make social distance and wash your hands many times.

  •    Social Distinction is the best way to prevent  corona virus.
  •  Stay at home  Don't get out of the house
  •  Whenever you get out of the house, cover the mouth and nose with a mask.
  • On coming from outside, wash and sanitize hands well and also wash face.
  • Social distress is a must if Corona is to be defeated.  For this, all of us have to try together.               

                 Meaning of corona

                    CO - someone
                    RO -On the road
                    NA- Do not leave

Friday, March 27, 2020

lockdown in india

  lockdown in india

Lockdown in India: Today is the third day of lockdown in India.  The routine of the people here has been reduced to home.  People are very scared and scared of the corona virus threat.  People are constantly being advised by the administration to stay at home.  

The price of every daily use items has also increased due to the lockdown.  Due to which the middle class families are facing a lot.

  The number of corona virus patients in India is increasing daily.  Seeing this, the administration has taken a number of drastic steps.  There is silence all around.  Bus trains and all modes of transport have been closed.  This is the first time in the history of India that a train called India's lifeline has been stopped.  The government has appealed to the people to remain where they are.  
  The corona virus has completely affected the Indian economy resulting in a lockdown-like situation.  There is silence everywhere in the country.  Therefore, the government's initiative is to stay safe at home and let others also be safe.                            

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Corona obsessed india

  Corona obsessed india

Corona obsessed India. Coronavirus is almost the world's tallest country.  India is also constantly fighting epidemics like Corona virus.  In view of rising corona virus patients in India, the government here has done a complete lockdown of twenty one days.  India is a large country where most of the population lives in villages.  During the lockdown by the Government of India, the government implemented several types of relief scheme for the public, which is providing relief to the poor.  And the government is providing the items of daily needs from time to time.  In India, 668 patients of corona virus have been found positive.  Its patients are constantly increasing.  Healthy workers and police in India are continuously working in the interest of the country by giving their valuable time.  Corona virus has become a global problem today, to overcome this, indigenously manufactured test kits have been prepared in India.  So now we do not have to depend on any other side.  The steps taken by the Prime Minister of India, such as lockdown, have taken a unique initiative to break the chain of Corona virus which has been appreciated by the World Health Organization.

The economy of the country has come to a standstill due to the twenty-one day lockout of the Government of India.  There is silence on the roads all around.  People are being advised to stay in homes.  And people have been asked to maintain social distance.  People are being decimated by various health organizations and non-governmental organizations.  Masks and sanitizers are being distributed free of cost to the poor and needy.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

corona virus pandemic

  Corona virus pandemic                          

corona virus pandemic:has become a global problem.  Which has influenced the entire world by taking its formidable form.

  In my thoughts, the corona virus is the result of biological weapons testing that is affecting the whole world.  Today, corona has become a global problem, which can be eradicated from the root of corona virus by creating social distance from all people.  Today more than 450,000 people worldwide are affected.  Therefore, we should maintain social distance and wash our hands and clean them and cover our mouth and nose with masks and this can be eliminated by staying at home and breaking the chain of this virus.  

 Today there is devastation everywhere in the world, every country is suffering from this disease.  India is also constantly fighting the Corona virus.  But this disease is spreading its foot continuously.  This disease is spreading most dangerous and fast today, in which if it is not taken care, then it dies. 

 To combat this epidemic around the world, many voluntary organizations, NGOs and various organizations have been doing their duty day and night and are giving their response to this virus.